Reggie Abercrombie Jersey Retirement

Reggie Abercrombie Jersey Retirement

When someone refers to someone as a legend, the term often feels exaggerated and loses some of its meaning. That said, some people are exceptions to this circumstance. Reggie Abercrombie is one of those names, and he lives up to every ounce of meaning attached to the word “legend”.

Reggie Abercrombie tips his cap to the Winnipeg Goldeyes Fans

He joined the Goldeyes in 2014 and spent the next six seasons establishing a legacy that can be seen far and wide both around the Goldeyes organization and the entire American Association. He holds the league records for hits, runs, home runs, and RBI, and was recently inducted into the
American Association Hall of Fame. He didn’t need further recognition to solidify his status, but he deserved the honour.

The key to Reggie’s success wasn’t always on the field, but instead it created an aura around the entire ballpark. He was the most approachable person one could ever meet. Despite not knowing many of them personally, his conversations with the fans along the left field line were similar to those with an old friend. You didn’t have to be his teammate to be along for the ride with Reggie Abercrombie, he made sure everyone was welcome to have a quick chat.

This didn’t change after he helped the Goldeyes win back-to-back American Association Championships in 2016 and ’17, as he leveraged Winnipeg’s celebration to fuel his own. The trophy raised high above his head, Reggie marched around Shaw Park sharing the experience with a packed house, letting everyone join in the celebration.

Reggie’s journey may not have started in Winnipeg, but it came to a close here with thunderous applause. A former Major Leaguer who made stops in the MLB with the Florida Marlins and Houston Astros, his professional baseball career took him all over the affiliated minor leagues, Mexico, and eventually brought him to the American Association. His six seasons in a Goldeyes jersey were just part of his long and storied journey, but they created a lifetime of memories.

Reggie Abercrombie practices swinging during a game for the Winnipeg Goldeyes

There are few athletes who you can say had the true balance of skill and charisma, but Reggie was most certainly one of them. He had the athleticism that could bring the house down, but he’d enjoy it just as much as the fans would. He loves the game of baseball, and it showed every single night when he stepped out of the dugout. His teammates relied on him to be their sparkplug, and he would always live up to that role. His energy was at the core of the success of the team on the field, but it also established life-long friendships off the field as well.

His jersey retirement on August 11 is simply just another step in a long line of well-deserved achievements.

So, from fans and teammates alike, that retirement will act as a salute to one of the greatest athletes Winnipeg has had the pleasure of watching. From his MLB draft date in 1999 to his final professional game in 2019, he was a true professional and played every game like it was his last.

Thank you, Reggie Abercrombie.

Reggie Abercrombie holds a championship trophy in front of Winnipeg Goldeyes fans in Shaw Park

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Orbit Collective leading streetwear culture in Winnipeg

Are you tired of the same old streetwear brands? Do you crave something fresh and exciting? Look no further than Orbit Collective, Winnipeg Manitoba’s most hip and ‘In’ streetwear brand.

Orbit Collective

Staple pieces from Orbit Collective 

Founded by a group of young creatives, Orbit Collective offers a unique and vibrant take on streetwear fashion. Their line of clothing features bold graphics and eye-catching designs that are sure to make a statement wherever you go. From oversized hoodies to graphic tees, their collection is both stylish and comfortable, perfect for those who want to make a statement without sacrificing comfort.

One of their standout pieces is the Essential Oversized Hoodie in cement. Made from a soft and cozy blend of cotton and polyester, this hoodie is perfect for lounging at home or hitting the streets. Its oversized fit gives it a relaxed, street-ready vibe, while its subtle design makes it easy to pair with any outfit. And with its durable construction, this hoodie is sure to become a wardrobe staple for years to come.

Orbit Collective

Oversized Essential Cement Grey hoodie

Another must-have from Orbit Collective is the Handshake Tee in black. This graphic tee features a bold graphic of two hands shaking, symbolizing the power of collaboration and community. Made from high-quality materials, this tee is both soft and durable, making it the perfect addition to any streetwear wardrobe.

But Orbit Collective isn’t just about fashion. They are a community-focused brand that is committed to making a positive impact in their local community. They regularly collaborate with local artists and creatives, supporting their work and providing them with a platform to showcase their talents. And with their commitment to sustainability, they are doing their part to create a better, more sustainable world.

In a world where fashion can often feel uninspired and cookie-cutter, Orbit Collective offers something fresh and exciting. With their bold designs, commitment to community, and dedication to sustainability, they are sure to make a lasting impact in the world of streetwear fashion. So why not join the collective and add some Orbit to your wardrobe?


Canada is set for its largest alcohol tax increase yet.

Canada is set for its largest alcohol tax increase yet.


Canadians may soon be paying more for their favorite alcoholic beverages as the federal tax on alcohol is set to increase by 6.4% on April 1st. The “escalator tax” was introduced in 2017 and is designed to increase automatically over time based on the rate of inflation, to avoid the need for frequent renegotiation. Due to recent inflation in Canada, the tax is now set for its largest increase ever, and while a penny hike in beer prices may not sound like much, it will have ripple effects on producers and distributors, ultimately impacting consumers.

The tax increase could lead to a single beer increasing in price by one cent, while a 12-pack of beer may go up by 10 cents. Similarly, a 750 ml bottle of wine could see a price increase of nearly three cents, while a 750 ml bottle of 40% alcohol by volume spirit may increase by 70 cents. The impact on the price of craft beer is predicted to be smaller, as it is usually sold at a higher price point, but larger manufacturers are likely to be affected more.

The tax increase is expected to cost Canada’s food-service industry around $750 million a year, with the average casual dining restaurant estimated to pay an extra $30,000 towards alcohol. The increase will also have a ripple effect on costs, as the tax is a production tax imposed on the brewer, which is then magnified by other fees and taxes imposed by distributors, retailers, and provinces, including sales taxes.

The carbon tax is also set to increase from $50 to $65 a metric ton of carbon on April 1st, which could impact alcohol prices as most producers do not have completely green supply chains. Moreover, provinces may individually increase their tax on alcohol. Overall, the escalator tax alone will result in Canadians paying an extra $125 million per year to the government.

Industry groups are calling on the federal government to freeze current alcohol taxes until inflation reaches closer to the Bank of Canada’s 2% target. MPs have also voted in favor of a motion calling on the government to cancel the alcohol tax increase. As inflation continues to rise, it is essential to reconsider the automatic formula of the escalator tax, which is putting the industry under pressure.

Source: Global News (/Eric Stober)


TransLink gets $479M from B.C. Government

TransLink gets $479M from B.C. Government

TransLink has received a financial boost from the provincial government to help fund projects and address dwindling ridership. The organization is getting $479 million of budget surplus money, which will hopefully help to prevent potential layoffs and route cuts as ridership continues to recover back to prepandemic levels.


The allotment of $479M will aid in keeping fares affordable, protect against service cuts, and permit future transit plans to move forward.

Ridership is currently at 82 per cent of prepandemic levels but revenue collection is at 75 per cent, raising concerns over the sustainability of current services. The TransLink mayors council had sought extra funding in the provincial budget to finance their 10year plan, estimated at $20 billion, but were left out. The council warned that there would be major cuts to transportation services if no additional funds were made available in the next two years.

New funding model needed

In response, the provincial government has taken action with this funding stabilization to address TransLinks shortterm operating funding needs. Premier David Eby said in a statement,Hundreds of thousands of people rely on TransLinks service every day to get to work, travel to school, and access all parts of the region. Failing to act now would lead to higher fares, fewer buses on the road, and reduced service across the board. We wont let that happen.

This funding will help to support TransLinks plan, which includes doubling buses by 2035, extending the millennium line to UBC, rapid transit to the north shore, and a gondola to SFU. The mayors council also made a formal request last month to the federal government for $250 million in additional emergency funds, to which the province will match. However, the province does not expect this money to come from Ottawa and is taking action with this $479 million funding instead.

Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure said in a statement,Accessible public transit is critical for the regions economic, social and environmental health now and into the future. The province will continue discussions with the federal government on a potential funding partnership. However, given TransLinks significant and immediate needs, the Province is taking action with this funding stabilization to address TransLinks shortterm operating funding needs, preventing layoffs and maintaining transit services that will create jobs and reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, which benefits residents and visitors to Metro Vancouver.

Source: Global News

Riding Mountain Triathlon Takes Centre Stage in Riding Mountain National Park.

Riding Mountain Triathlon Takes Centre Stage in Riding Mountain National Park.

For the past 13 years, Riding Mountain Triathlon has been drawing crowds of keen athletes from all over Central Canada to Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba. This year’s event, held on the 13th of August, was the biggest yet, with over 700 competitors taking part. The race featured an open water swim and a range of race categories suitable for all levels of athlete, from absolute beginners to the accomplished weekend warrior.

riding mountain triathlon

a group of racers takes off on the swim portion of the triathlon

The triathlon is a popular destination for those looking to make a New Year’s resolution and focus on their fitness. With a range of competitors, it is an excellent place to set an end goal for 2023. The event is designed to challenge and inspire athletes of all levels to push themselves to their limits. The race offers both Olympic and sprint distance categories. The Olympic distance consists of a 1500m swim, 40km bike ride and a 10km run while the sprint distance consists of a 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run. Those who take part in the Riding Mountain Triathlon can look forward to an epic journey. From swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Clear Lake to the beautiful trails that meander through the park, the race offers an unforgettable experience.


The race is more than just a competition; it is an opportunity to explore and appreciate the stunning natural beauty of Riding Mountain National Park. The race courses are designed to test the limits of each individual’s strength and endurance. The length of the swim, the difficulty of the terrain, and the range of distances available for each race category, all combine to provide a unique and rewarding experience for everyone who takes part. The organizers of the race have put a great deal of effort into ensuring that the event runs smoothly. From the well-marked and organized course to the friendly race marshals and volunteers, the event is an enjoyable and well-run occasion.

riding mountain triathlon

A beautiful view of the riding mountain triathlon venue


The event always has a large and enthusiastic number of volunteers. This year the event seems to be attracting more and more volunteers and these volunteers help out in a variety of activities such as setting up the transition area, helping mark the bike and run courses, giving out water and juices, and providing medical assistance. The event also has a variety of food and merchandise vendors. The food vendors serve a variety of different items such as sandwiches, wraps, salads, smoothies, energy bars, and energy drinks. The merchandise vendors are also selling a variety of items including swimming caps, running shoes, hats, and t-shirts. The event is full of excitement and camaraderie. Last year the course saw many new faces and the athletes were full of enthusiasm and drive.



The event attracts athletes from all around the world and the atmosphere is electric. The Riding Mountain Triathlon offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a first-timer, an experienced athlete, or just in it for the challenge, the event promises to be an unforgettable experience. Not only will you be test your physical abilities, you’ll also be able to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Riding Mountain National Park. So, grab your running shoes, hit the open water, and get ready to race in one of the most beautiful locations in the country.

A rendering of the proposed Polo Park multiresidential development proposed in Winnipeg by Cadillac Fairview and Shindico. (Courtesy Shindico)

$1.1B Winnipeg Polo Park redevelopment going to city for approval

$1.1B Winnipeg Polo Park redevelopment going to city for approval

Shindico Realty Inc. and Cadillac Fairview Corp. plan to invest $1.1 billion in redeveloping vacant land surroudning CF Polo Park shopping centre in Winnipeg into a multi-tower residential development with about 3,700 rental units.

A rendering of the proposed Polo Park multiresidential development proposed in Winnipeg by Cadillac Fairview and Shindico. (Courtesy Shindico)

A rendering of the proposed Polo Park multiresidential development proposed in Winnipeg by Cadillac Fairview and Shindico. (Courtesy Shindico)

The companies have worked together for over a decade developing retail stores on land they own — the former Winnipeg Arena site — immediately north of Polo Park, said Justin Zarnowski, Shindico’s general counsel, in an interview with RENX.

The plan shows more than a dozen buildings between six and 12 storeys. Renderings show parks and open spaces, with pedestrian and cycling connections centred around the shopping centre, which opened in 1959 as Winnipeg’s first indoor mall.

The plan is “going to have high-quality green space. We have a huge focus on the public realm because we want people who are going to live here for as long as they can,” Zarnowski said.

“Part of that is having them be able to leave their apartments, feel comfortable, have great places to walk in. Go to coffee shops. Part of that landscaping is public realm as well.”

Residents will take advantage of Polo Park’s status as a Winnipeg Transit hub to get downtown or to the University of Manitoba quickly, Zarnowski said.

The timeline

Polo Park will see no reduction in the number of parking spaces, but many of those will be in structures, not lots.

Current regulations require 1.4 parking spaces for every apartment unit, a figure Shindico would like to see relaxed to recognize the proximity of transit.

Construction will begin on the former Canad Inns stadium site, also owned on a 50-50 basis by both companies, which has sat vacant since the stadium’s demolition in 2010.

Winnipeg-based Shindico and Cadillac Fairview will start pounding in piles after the City of Winnipeg approves the application and issues the building permits, Zarnowski said. “If the city would let us, we’d start today.”

The company estimates tenants will be able to move in 18 to 24 months after construction begins and the whole project will take up to 10 years to complete.

While rental units and condos can exist in the same building, Shindico is “not a condo developer. It’s not what we do. We like selecting high-quality sites and building really good buildings that we’re going to own and manage for the long term,” Zarnowski said.

Shindico estimates it will cost about $300,000 to build each unit, financed by mortgages that will qualify for CMHC insurance.

It is still too early to forecast what the company can charge in rent per unit because of unknowns such as construction costs and conditions that may be imposed by the city, Zarnowski said.

Shindico provides local expertise

Anna Ng, senior manager, external communications for Cadillac Fairview, confirmed the two companies have been partners for more than a decade in development around Polo Park. “This development does fit with CF’s vision to provide long-term cash flow to retired Ontario teachers,” she said in an email.

CF is the real estate arm of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. It is a global investor, owner, operator and developer across all major asset classes. The firm has about $42 billion in assets under management.

Zarnowski said Shindico will be the construction manager on the project. “Shindico is the boots-on-the-ground local people, who are able to make it happen for a cost-effective project.”

Shindico was established in 1975 and is one of Winnipeg’s most prominent developers, operators and managers of commercial and multiresidential real estate.

Are there any other projects on the horizon for the partnership?

“Not yet,” Zarnowski said, quickly adding, “We don’t have anything formal, but we’re always looking to do things with people who know what they’re doing and Cadillac Fairview are certainly that.”

Transforming “significant urban blight”

Jino Distasio, professor of urban geography at the University of Winnipeg, welcomed the announcement.

“The proposal shows that since the closure of the hockey rink and the demolition of the stadium, anything is better than massive empty parking lots,” Distasio said. “They are taking a significant urban blight and converting them into high-density housing.

“It’s going to be a neat opportunity for Winnipeg to see something we haven’t seen before: a $1-billion project dropped into an area that is, as of today, really, really under-utilized.”

Distasio gave the developers high marks for their human-scale design.

“It’s good to see they’re really trying to be innovative in their design and approach to the traditional shopping mall — that’s usually stores with a sea of parking — that is going to be transformed into a sea of low-rise residential opportunities, walkability and putting the car, in some ways, second to the experience.”

Redevelopment of CF Polo Park will reignite the competitive tension with downtown Winnipeg, Distasio predicts.

“Large footprint retail in the downtown is not likely to occur again. Downtown, as a precinct, will be competing with Polo Park for the renter and also for some retail,” Distasio said.

“It’s not necessarily a perfect relationship, but it’s one that will continue to be part of Winnipeg, as it has for the last 60 years. This is pushing the level of competition to a new height. This will push downtown to be on its toes.”

An earlier proposal to develop the land ran afoul of regulations that protected land around Winnipeg Richardson International Airport from development that might endanger the airport’s 24-hour status.

Michel Rosset, communications manager for the Winnipeg Airports Authority, said the authority has not seen the most recent plans, but is satisfied that changes made to the regulations last year strike the right balance between development and airport operations.

Source: Real Estate News Exchange – Donald Benham

Zellers in Canada

Zellers unveils first 25 locations across Canada

Zellers unveils first 25 locations across Canada

Zellers, a retail blast from the past, is coming back to Canada with a bang.

Zellers in Canada

Zellers, the one-time popular hotspot for weekend shoppers, is returning to Canada with 25 locations across the country

Shoppers have been ready for a dose of nostalgia ever since the company announced its return after it shut down its last store in 2020.

People have also been demanding the return of the Zellers Family Restaurant, known for its diner-style menu with soups, salads, burgers, pies, milkshakes, and fries with gravy.

And while the company has been dropping hints about its big comeback, we can confirm that the store will be opening its first 25 locations within Hudson’s Bay stores across the country. The new and revamped Zellers is going to be expansive, with each location expected to be between 8,000 to 10,000 sq ft.

“Customers will be greeted with a thoughtful selection of design-led products across home decor, toys, baby, apparel, and pets, housed within Zellers’ signature red and white that will guide customers along in their retail journey,” stated a release.

A representative for Zellers told Daily Hive that they don’t have details on the opening date yet.

Check out the list below to see if you’re getting a Zellers near you. If not, don’t worry — although the date hasn’t been announced yet, you’ll soon be able to shop online.

British Columbia

● Pacific Centre, Downtown Vancouver
● Aberdeen Mall, Kamloops
● Guildford Town Centre, Surrey
● 7 Oaks Shopping Centre, Abbotsford


● Kingsway Garden Mall, Edmonton
● Medicine Hat Mall, Medicine Hat
● Sunridge Mall, Calgary


● Midtown Plaza, Saskatoon


● St. Vital, Winnipeg


● Erin Mills, Mississauga
● Burlington Mall, Burlington
● White Oaks Mall, London
● Scarborough Town Centre , Scarborough
● Pen Centre Shopping Plaza, St. Catharines
● Cambridge Centre, Cambridge
● Rideau Center, Ottawa
● St. Laurent Center, Ottawa
● Cataraqui Town Centre, Kingston


● Place Rosemère, Rosemère
● Galeries d’Anjou, Ville Anjou
● Carrefour de l’Estrie, Sherbrooke
● Les Promenades Gatineau, Gatineau
● Les Galeries de la Capitale, Quebec City

Nova Scotia

● Micmac Mall, Dartmouth
● Mayflower Shopping Mall, Sydney

Source: Daily Hive – Irish Mae Silvestre

A pedestrian walks by River Landing on the South Saskatchewan River in Canada

Polar, Mars-like vortex could hit Canada soon

Polar, Mars-like vortex could hit Canada soon

A polar vortex generating the coldest temperature on Earth so far this year, can hit Canada in early February.

A pedestrian walks by River Landing on the South Saskatchewan River in Canada

A pedestrian walks by River Landing on the South Saskatchewan River during an extreme cold warning in Saskatoon, Sask., on Monday, January 25, 2021. Meteorologists say frigid weather caused by the polar vortex could be headed for Canada in February. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Kayle Neis

“We’re showing a large area from all of British Columbia, all of the Prairies, the Northwest Territories, the Yukon, and right through to Northwestern Ontario as being colder than normal for the month of February,” David Phillips, Environment Canada’s chief meteorologist, told in a telephone interview Tuesday. “I think that is a direct result of the diving down southward of the polar vortex.”

A weather station in Siberia recorded a temperature of -62.4 C on Jan. 14 as freezing arctic air loomed over northern Russia. For reference, that temperature is only 0.3 C from the average temperature on Mars; cold enough to freeze your skin in seconds. It’s the coldest temperature Russia has recorded over two decades.

Although the polar vortex is in the stratosphere, Doug Gillham, meteorologist at The Weather Network, said it often brings cold air down to the troposphere wherever it goes.

“It’s well up in the atmosphere, several kilometres up, but it’s associated generally with the coldest air in the hemisphere,” he told in a telephone interview on Tuesday. “So down where we live, when the polar vortex gets displaced from the pole, it will often bring cold air with it.”

When could it reach Canada?

The entire vortex has shifted so that the bulk of it is hovering over northern Russia. It will likely begin to shift again around the end of January.

Canada weather map

“What we have right now is the biggest piece is over Siberia, and there’s been some record-breaking cold air associated with that,” he said.

Once the cold weather arrives in Canada in February, Gillham said it will be because shifts in the jet stream cause the polar vortex to dissipate and re-form over western Canada, replacing the warm air that’s settled over the country in recent weeks.

“We’ve had a powerful jet stream over the North Pacific and it’s just been flooding pretty much all of North America with mild air from the Pacific Ocean,” he said.

“The jet stream is going to change in a way that will stop flooding the continent with mild Pacific air, and we’ll start to see the Arctic air drain south. And so our winter vacation is coming to an end.”

According to The Weather Network, while Western Canada and the Prairies can expect a blast of cold weather soon, major cities across Eastern Canada are on track to see the warmest winter on record. The weather agency reports Halifax has experienced an average temperature of 1.5 C so far this winter.

For Southern Ontario and Quebec, Gillham said cold air from the northwest and warm air from the southeast could clash to create some volatile weather when the polar vortex shifts again.

“Being the battle zone means we’ll get a more active storm track, which means a lot of messy weather systems, the potential for heavy snow, but also the potential for ice and rain.”

Calgary counter-demonstrator Comrade Borscht

Calgary protestors and activists clash at all-age drag brunch

Calgary protestors and activists clash at all-age drag brunch

There was a protest in Calgary with a strong police presence at an all-age drag brunch on Sunday morning.

Calgary protestors

Protesters who were against an all-ages drag event in Calgary, Alta. were met face-to-face by LGBTQ2S+ supporters on Sunday.

Protesters against the event were met by LGBTQ2S+ activists. The groups argued outside the event location at the Rec Room at 10:30 a.m.

Some people came with signs saying: Save the Children. Other signs read: We Are Your Children.

“I am trans and I was a trans child too,” said counter demonstrator Comrade Borscht. “Drag events are safe queer spaces. Especially for queer children it can be very comforting to see people like them around —people who have gone through some oppression and discrimination and they were challenged with it. But in the end, they are thriving and having fun and dancing to some silly songs.”

Calgary counter-demonstrator Comrade Borscht

“I am trans and I was a trans child too,” said Calgary counter demonstrator Comrade Borscht.

There were around 30 protestors at the event compared to around 100 supporters.

One person was arrested but not charged.

There were over 20 officers on scene — some used their mountain bikes as obstructions between the groups. The Calgary Police Service said the gathering was relatively peaceful.

Those supporting the event were happy to see people support diversity.

Anna Murphy said she would like to see elected members of the community show their support.

“I think we see it when we have our leaders show up, so whether that is our municipal leaders, our provincial leaders, our federal leaders stand up and be bold in their ally-ship. So we need people like our premier and our ministers to stand up and recognize that they need to fund quality affirming healthcare. They need to show up not only having wonderful words but they need to show up and they need to put policies in place. They need to come out and support businesses like the Rec Room that are putting their ally-ship into action,” Murphy said.

Some protestors said they are concerned people are pushing ideologies onto children.

“Parents are concerned about children being exposed to things that are beyond their developmental age to handle,” said Kim, a protestor who only gave her first name.

She was carrying a sign that read: “Stop sexually exploiting children.”

“We are kind of a mixed group. I think you’re going to have extremists on either side. They want to stir up strife. I’m not here to stir up strife. I’m here to represent a large number of people who have concerns around having kids involved in this,” Kim said.

Calgary counter-protestors

Those in the drag community said it’s not about sexualizing children but rather expressing who you are.

“The people who are putting on drag events consider that children might be there and they do their best to make sure that it’s just silly dancing and silly songs, rhinestones, and big hair — crazy stuff,” Borscht said.

The Instagram account YYC All Ages Drag raised concerns about the protest in a post earlier this week.

“Public action urgently needed! We need as many people as possible to show up with signs and flags and drown out the hate with LOVE! Sunday, Jan 15! Their protest starts at 10:30am at the Rec Room (901 64 Ave NE) so let’s be there for 10am! Share this to your stories, and to any social media you have!,” the post read.

A similar showdown happened in December at an all-ages drag brunch event in Inglewood, California,USA.

Source: Global News – Carolyn Kury de Castillo