As snow melts, Winnipeg potholes are the worst residents have seen

As snow melts, Winnipeg potholes are the worst residents have seen

Winnipeg Potholes

Winnipeg potholes are the worst they’ve been in the recent years. The extra long winter season this year has left Winnipegers struggling with road conditions as the spring season approaches. City crews are scrambling to repair the issues all over the city, on main routes and residential streets.

Manitoba’s Public Insurance has reported that over 300 pothole related claims were made during the month of March alone. The high number is almost double the amount of pothole related claims made in the last three years combined.

The city of Winnipeg, said 311 services has received 3,323 requests to fix potholes and crews have already repaired more than 33,000 potholes in 2022.

The extreme and drastically changing weather may be to blame for the many potholes, along with the age of the roads.

Winnipeggers have been dealing with these potholes ever since the snow melted. With the frustratingly long winter the increasing potholes across the city has added to the exasperation.

A spokesperson from the city added anyone who notices a problem can call 311, or report a pothole on the city’s website.

The city’s website also states anyone who sustains damage from potholes can either contact MPI or City Claims.

Should they decide to contact City Claims, people are told to provide a minimum of 2+ estimates and arrange an appointment with an adjustor to see the damage.

“We know that in Manitoba it’s winter flows into pothole flows into construction season which we know is very tough, so there’s not much I think the city could do, except be hyper-vigilant on every street, which is highly unlikely they can manage that,” a city representative said.

“It’s just the general concept of being careful when you’re driving and not taking a pothole for granted, because you never know how far down it actually goes.”

As the weather continues to improve, Winnipeggers can expect the dreaded “construction season” to arrive in full swing.

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