Bed bug infestation at Winnipeg hotel ‘disgusting experience,’ family says

Bed bug infestation at Winnipeg hotel ‘disgusting experience,’ family says


Bedbug infestation found in hotel attached to Winnipeg hospital, family says | CBC News

A Winnipeg family is seeking a refund from the Canad Inns Health Sciences Centre on William Avenue after discovering bed bugs in their room. The family, from Teulon, Manitoba, had booked the hotel room as a “home base” during their 12-year-old son’s hospital stay, who had undergone surgery on March 12. While Whitney Bergstrom stayed with her son in the HSC Children’s Hospital post-surgery, her husband, Chris, stayed in the neighbouring hotel for four nights.

After the first night, Chris had red marks on his face, which they initially attributed to stress. However, when he was covered in bites on his head, neck, shoulders, and back, the couple realized that bed bugs were to blame. They discovered bed bugs under the mattress and on the underside of the box spring, which had a hole through which the bugs were entering the room. The family was offered another room but chose to check out of the hotel instead and wait for a refund.

The experience was particularly distressing for the family, as their son is immune-compromised and would not have fared well dealing with bed bugs.

They had planned to spend time at the hotel once he was well enough to leave the hospital, but luckily, that did not happen.

Whitney Bergstrom said that the family had assumed the hotel would have higher standards, considering it was attached to a hospital where on-call doctors, specialists, and sick children and patients stay. However, the hotel has not responded to requests for comment, and a Shared Health spokesperson directed questions to the hotel, as it is owned and operated independently from HSC.

The incident highlights the importance of vigilance when staying in hotels, even those in seemingly reputable locations. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate once they infest a room, and they can cause significant discomfort and distress for their victims. The family’s experience serves as a cautionary tale for others who may assume that certain types of establishments are immune to bed bugs.

Source: Winnipeg Free Press (/Katie May)

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