Calgary man beaten, assaulted and blowtorched home invasion

Calgary man beaten, assaulted and blowtorched home invasion

A Calgary man was able to escape his assailants through a basement window after being tied up, beaten and assaulted with a blowtorch, a prosecutor told court Monday.

The Calgary Courts Centre

The Calgary Courts Centre was photographed on Tuesday, September 27, 2022. Gavin Young/Postmedia

William McIntosh and Rory Libbrecht face charges of breaking and entering to commit aggravated assault and unlawful confinement for the attack on Sean Brooks.

Crown lawyer Jack Kelly told Justice Michael Marion that Sean Brooks and his upstairs neighbour, William McIntosh had a relationship that ended March 5, 2021.

A third man, Cole McLean, was scheduled to stand trial with the other two, but his matter was moved to a later date.Kelly told the Court of King’s Bench judge that all three engaged in the attack on Brooks.

“Brooks … will tell you that William McIntosh and other individuals that he wasn’t familiar with, came downstairs, tied him up, beat him, produced a blowtorch, burned him around his ear, poured bleach over him, continued the beating over what he believes was hours,” Kelly said.

Amid the attack, all the assailants went upstairs while “leaving him in the basement,” the prosecutor said.“And he was able to effect an escape through a basement window and ran down the street, collapsing … in one of the neighbour’s yard.”

Police responded and found Brooks “who was in a very medically distressed condition.”

Brooks was taken to Foothills Medical Centre and was treated for numerous injuries.

Brooks said the attack occurred after McIntosh’s wife, Ashley Corbett, believed Brooks broke into the upstairs unit while she was dropping her daughter off at school, leaving her son home alone.

Corbett testified that when she returned to the home, the back door was kicked in.

She then checked the home and found one of McIntosh’s firearms was missing, although she later discovered four guns had been taken.Corbett called McIntosh, and then her roommate McLean to deal with the issue.

When she picked up McLean he was with another man, Libbrecht, although she didn’t know that individual.

Under cross-examination by McIntosh’s lawyer, Alain Hepner, the woman agreed she never saw her ex-husband go to the basement where Brooks was assaulted.

She also agreed with defence counsel Kirsten Lancee that she couldn’t be certain the photo she sent to police of the man she believed was Rory, was the same individual involved in the assault.

The trial continues today.

Source: Calgary Herald – Kevin Martin

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