Calgary officer pushes over man in wheelchair and kicks him in the face

Calgary officer pushes over man in wheelchair and kicks him in the face

Calgary judge provided Const. Eric Plummer conditional discharge meaning he won’t serve jailtime.

Calgary policeman using unnecessary force

Calgary police’s Const. Eric Plummer pleaded guilty to assault for pushing over a man, who’d been put in a wheelchair, and then kicking him in the face. The incident was caught on hospital CCTV.

WARNING: This story contains video of a police officer pushing over a man in a wheelchair.

A Calgary police officer who pushed over a homeless man and kicked him in the face won’t serve jailtime after a judge handed him a conditional discharge.

Const. Eric Plummer pleaded guilty to assaulting Vincent James Lavoie on November 10, 2019.

Video provided in court as an exhibit displays Plummer pushing over Lavoie Plummer and then stepping on his bare foot and kicking him in the face.

On Tuesday, Judge John Bascom gave Plummer a conditional discharge meaning a criminal record won’t show a conviction.

Bascom ordered Plummer 50 hours of community service.

The judge noted Plummer was going through a difficult divorce at the time.

Calgary hospital CCTV

Moments before Calgary policeman Const. Eric Plummer used unnecessary force on a man in a wheelchair.

About 15 Calgary police officers attended court to support Plummer, with half a dozen of them in uniform. After court they greeted Plummer with smiles to celebrate his non-custodial sentence.

In a written statement provided to CBC News, a Calgary Police Service spokesperson said its policy prevents officers from attending court while on duty unless they have permission from a supervisor.

“We cannot comment on the particulars of this occurrence, however, we will be reminding all employees of our court attendance policies and procedures now that observers have been allowed to return to the courtroom post pandemic.”

On Nov. 9, 2019, Lavoie was brought to the South Health Campus because of extreme intoxication.

When hospital staff and then AHS security tried to discharge Lavoie, he became combative.

Calgary courts

‘Answer our questions or … go f–k yourself’

Lavoie was handcuffed, placed in wheelchair and police were called.

Plummer and his partner showed up, according to the ASF.

“You’re going to answer our questions or you can go f–k yourself,” Plummer said to Lavoie.

The officer pushed Lavoie.

Once Lavoie was on the ground, Plummer stepped on his bare foot and kicked the victim in the face causing him to cry out in pain.

“It’s called gravity,” Plummer said to Lavoie.

AHS security reported Plummer to CPS

Lavoie replied, “You can beat me up all you want, I’m going to commit suicide tonight.”

The two officers left Lavoie lying the ground for five minutes.

Lavoie was taken into custody and released the next morning.

However, the two AHS officers were concerned about what they saw.

The pair informed the Calgary Police Service’s professional standards section the next day and an investigation was launched.

Plummer is currently suspended without pay from the Calgary Police Service pending an internal disciplinary hearing.

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