Canada updates passport design, adds online renewal

Canada updates passport design, adds online renewal

The Canadian government has unveiled a redesigned passport that will soon be available for Canadians to renew online. Immigration Minister Sean Fraser and Social Development Minister Karina Gould introduced the new passport at the Ottawa International Airport. The updated passport features new artwork and enhanced security features throughout.


The new Canadian passport is unveiled at an event at the Ottawa International Airport in Ottawa.

Fraser emphasized that the new security measures will ensure that Canadian passports remain highly secure, reliable, and universally accepted worldwide. Printing of the new passports will commence in the summer and will be gradually rolled out over the next year. Starting in the fall, Canadians will have the option to submit online applications for passport renewals. However, it is important to note that individuals who have recently been issued a passport should continue to use it until it expires.


New artwork and enhanced security features have been implemented in the updated passport.

What’s new?

The redesigned passport showcases various changes. The cover design includes an outline of a maple leaf, while the inside pages feature artwork that highlights Canada’s diverse people, landscapes, wildlife, and four seasons. Notably, these images can only be seen in ultraviolet light. The new security features include a polycarbonate data page, similar to Canadian currency and driver’s licenses, as well as laser-engraved personal information to enhance durability and prevent tampering or counterfeiting. Additionally, a visible passport chip and antenna have been added to confirm the passport’s validity and protect information.


Security features are revealed and colours change under ultraviolet light.

The redesign process began in 2013 to combat counterfeiting and integrate more advanced security features and design techniques. While the government expects a recovery in passport processing following disruptions caused by a recent public servants’ strike, they acknowledge the possibility of longer lineups and processing times during the initial recovery period. However, Service Canada is prepared to address these challenges.

The Canadian passport currently ranks 26th globally according to the Passport Index. Canadian passport holders enjoy visa-free entry to 115 countries and can obtain visas upon arrival in 51 countries. The new passport design aims to enhance security and ensure the continued acceptance and reliability of Canadian travel documents.

Source: Global News

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