Carjacker threatens Calgary dealership employee with a knife

Carjacker threatens Calgary dealership employee with a knife

A Calgary car dealership employee is rattled after a customer allegedly pulls out a knife during a test drive Monday afternoon.

Calgary Nissan truck stolen

The car allegedly stolen from a Calgary dealership.

According to All Auto Sales dealership, a man walked onto the lot before 10 a.m. asking about a Nissan truck.

The dealership scheduled the test drive for later in the afternoon. When the man returned shortly after 12 p.m., he and the employee left for the test drive.

According to employee Supun, “after driving for short distance toward 39 Avenue and 42 Avenue SE, the carjacker took the U-turn before the traffic light, then he stopped in the side of the road,” he says.

That’s when the test drive allegedly went south.

“This guy threatened me to get out of the truck, and I said, ‘I can’t leave without the truck.’ Then he pulled a knife and asked me to leave the truck immediately,” says Supun.

Supun said he then tried fighting with the man while trying to grab the keys from the ignition, but he couldn’t reach them. That’s when the carjacker threatened him even further.

“He was asking me to leave the truck, or he was gonna stab me, and threatened my life. So I left the truck and he took off,” he said.

Police said the truck is described as a navy-blue Nissan Titan SL with a dealership plate starting with the letter M.

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