Edmonton woman stuck in Mexico with flesh-eating disease

Edmonton woman stuck in Mexico with flesh-eating disease

An Edmonton woman was struck with a flesh-eating disease while on vacation in Mexico and underwent multiple surgeries, but her family says when a plane was ready to lift her back to Edmonton, there wasn’t a hospital bed available in the city.

Edmonton woman, Maia Stock in Mexico hospital

The family of an Edmonton woman diagnosed with a flesh-eating disease while on vacation in Mexico says Maia Stock can’t get back to Canada because there are no hospital beds available in Edmonton.


“I knew the health-care system was bad. I just didn’t realize it was that bad,” said her father, Curtis Stock. The trip began as a large family vacation in Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s Pacific coast, but it turned for the worse. On the second day of the trip, Stock’s 25-year-old daughter Maia Stock began feeling pain in her lower body.

The family went to a doctor at the resort, who immediately sent her to the hospital in Puerto Vallarta. The hospital discovered she had necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease that put her in danger of losing her leg or even dying.“

It doesn’t actually feel like it could have happened or should have happened,” Maia said via videochat from Mexico. Doctors in Puerto Vallarta operated on Maia three times, removing the bacteria from which formed gas bubbles that were eating away at her flesh. They rushed to keep it away from her bone, to ensure her leg wouldn’t need to be amputated.


Necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease diagnosed to Edmonton woman

Necrotizing fasciitis

“The hospitals in Mexico were unbelievable. They were great. The doctors were wonderful. The nurses were wonderful.” Doctors in Canada wanted to fly Maia back to Edmonton to continue her treatment, Alberta Health Services confirmed that it was working on an out-of-country transfer, but one was not immediately available “due to capacity.” Maia was eventually discharged from the hospital in Mexico and may be able to fly home commercially on Friday if doctors give the all-clear.
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