Four woman in Winnipeg victims of alleged serial killer

Four woman in Winnipeg victims of alleged serial killer

Winnipeg man accused of killing Rebecca Contois, 24 and 3 others, Winnipeg Police believe.

Winnipeg serial killer victims

Jeremy Skibicki is now charged with killing Morgan Beatrice Harris, Marcedes Myran, Rebecca Contois — all of whom were Indigenous — and a fourth woman who has yet to be identified.

Winnipeg police say the man accused of killing a 24-year-old First Nations woman and disposing of her body in a dumpster in May was charged with three more homicides.

Jeremy Skibicki, 35, was charged Thursday with more charges of first-degree murder after three more victims were identified.

Skibicki was initially arrested on May 18 and charged with first-degree murder in connection with the death of Rebecca Contois, who was a member of O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi First Nation, located on the western shore of Lake Manitoba.

Investigators now believe Skibicki was responsible for the deaths of two other First Nations women and another woman who hasn’t been identified, between March and May 2022, said police Chief Danny Smyth.

“It’s always unsettling when there’s any kind of a serial killing,” but these homicides are particularly unsettling “because it does involve Indigenous women,” he said at Thursday’s news conference.

Morgan Beatrice Harris, 39, was killed around May 1, and Marcedes Myran, 26, was killed around May 4: Winnipeg Police.

Both women were members of Long Plain First Nation, and lived in Winnipeg.

Skibicki is also charged with the homicide of a fourth woman, but her identity hasn’t been confirmed.

Police are asking the public for help identifying the victim, who wore a reversible Baby Phat brand jacket with a fur hood.

The bodies of those three women haven’t been recovered, but Smyth says police have enough evidence to charge Skibicki in their killings. DNA helped in their investigation.

Rebecca Contois’s remains were found in a bin in a back lane in Winnipeg’s North Kildonan neighbourhood on May 16.

Police believed some of her remains may have been taken to the city’s Brady Road landfill during a residential pickup.

In June, remains found there by Winnipeg police were identified as those of Contois. Smyth said that police don’t believe there are additional victims.

Police didn’t speak to possible motives in the crimes Skibicki is accused of. Smyth also declined to comment whether police believe Indigenous women were targeted.

Earlier this year, CBC publicized posts on a Facebook page linked to Skibicki, dated before his May arrest, which was full with violent statements, as well as antisemitic, sexist and white supremacist sentiments.

On Facebook, Skibicki described himself as an “official member of ‘Holy Europe,'” which is a small faction of a far-right movement.

Winnipeg serial killer Jeremy Skibicki

Jeremy Skibicki is now facing four first-degree murder charges in connection with the deaths of four women, including Rebecca Contois, Morgan Beatrice Harris and Marcedes Myran.

Winnipeg Mayor Scott Gillingham, who spoke at Thursday’s news conference, offered his condolences to the impacted families, and demanded immediate action.

“These women were members of our community. They’re someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s mother, someone’s friend,” Gillingham said.

“And as a city, we must all grieve their loss and recognize that we have much more work to do … to protect the lives of Indigenous women and girls.”

Police are asking anyone with information about this investigation, specifically about the victim’s jacket, to contact the homicide unit at 204-986-6508 or Crime Stoppers at 204-786-8477 (TIPS).

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