Kenora man arrested after ‘random’ machete attack on Winnipeg bus

Kenora man arrested after ‘random’ machete attack on Winnipeg bus

Last week, a machete attack occurred in Winnipeg, resulting in the arrest of an 18-year-old Kenora, Ontario man named Cintiro Jeremy Loon.


Kenora, Ont. man arrested in ‘random and unprovoked’ machete attack at Winnipeg bus stop

Police describe the attack as a “random and unprovoked” assault on a 52-year-old bus rider. The incident took place on Feb. 9 around 1:30 p.m. at the intersection of Mount Royal Road and Ness Avenue. The victim was severely injured and required surgery for injuries that police believe will be life-altering. Investigators claim that the attack was unprovoked.

On Feb. 14, police took Loon into custody at approximately 3:15 p.m. after seeing him in the West Alexander area. He was found to be carrying a machete and a knife when he was arrested. Loon is currently facing multiple charges, including aggravated assault, three counts of weapon possession, and two counts of failing to comply with a probation order. He remains in custody, and the charges have not yet been tested in court.


On February 10, an image was captured of the intersection of Mount Royal Road and Ness Avenue, which is currently under investigation by the police for a random machete attack that resulted in a 50-year-old man being sent to the hospital.

The incident has been shocking and concerning to local residents, who are unnerved by the apparently random nature of the attack.

Police are urging anyone with information about the incident to come forward, and they are continuing to investigate the matter. Meanwhile, the victim is reportedly in stable condition, though he faces a difficult road to recovery.

Overall, the machete attack has highlighted the ongoing issue of violent crime in Winnipeg, and serves as a reminder of the importance of public safety and the need to remain vigilant in the face of unexpected threats.

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