Manitoba facing 2nd-wettest spring on record

Manitoba facing 2nd-wettest spring on record


Stranded car in the Mcphillips underpass May.31st

As June 1st rolls around a lot of us are ready for some sunshine and trips to the lake in Manitoba. We may have to wait a little longer this year…

Properties in Southern Manitoba have been left in an island state with roads completely flooded in the region and miles of water surrounding them. The hardest hit this year have been farmers in the region. Due to the constant wet weather, many farmers throughout the province are having to put off crucial seeding for their land. Will Bergmann, whose Bergmann Bros. farm operates along the Red River, told CTV News. “Fifty per cent of our land was covered in water…we are 20 per cent seeded, when normally we would have been well done by now.”


Insurance is an added factor to the extreme weather conditions, “Manitoba crop insurance has specific deadlines for planting certain crops if you want to be covered,” Bergmann explains. The additional rain this week means further delays to seeding and because of the deadlines, seeding may not even happen.

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for southern Manitoba, calling for broad rainfall totals of 30 to 50 millimetres, with the potential for much higher localized amounts depending on conditions.

The amount of rain received has broken records and skyrocketed 2022 to be the second wettest spring the province has ever seen.

Forecasters have predicted more rain and storms as we push onto summer, We will see if the city of winnipeg will create any infrastructure programs to reduce the strain on Winnipeg’s road systems and the people that use them. Have you hit any potholes this year?


Winnipeg’s Wettest Springs

  • Rank                Spring Precipitation                 Year
  • 1st                    325.4mm                                             1896
  • 2nd                    246.9mm                                            2022
  • 3rd                    234.5mm                                             1911
  • 4th                    231.4mm                                             1879
  • 5th                    229.9mm                                             1974

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