Over 2,000 flights cancelled in Canada in the past week

Over 2,000 flights cancelled in Canada in the past week

For the fourth day in a row, delays and cancellations placed at several airports in Canada.

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Just two days before Christmas and snow in Canada has snarled travellers. Many flights are cancelled, and many more are forced to wait on the tarmac like a plane parking lot.

Airlines and airports said frigid temperatures in Alberta and snow in B.C. were halting flights, as weather conditions created obstacles for airlines.

WestJet also said plane de-icing fluid limitations as a factor to the delays and cancellations.

Calgary, and the entire province of Alberta was placed under an extreme cold warning Wednesday, with wind chill values of -40 or colder expected for most of the week.

“At temperatures including and below -29 degrees Celsius, anti-icing fluid is no longer effective,” said Stephanie Harris, a spokesperson for Calgary International Airport.

Even at 4 p.m., Calgary was -28 C without wind chill.

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“Through the Calgary Glycol and Fuel consortium, the airlines secure de-icing services and decide to de-ice based on weather conditions at YYC,” Harris added.

The temperature in Edmonton Wednesday morning was -34 C without wind chill.

“In terms of de-icing fluid for aircraft at Edmonton International Airport, the product application threshold is -29C for Type 4 with snow,” airport spokesperson Megan Hall said.

“When temperatures dip below the -29C range, utilization of Type 1 (which is a two-step process with a hold-over application time) is employed.”

“As a winter airport, we plan and practice for different situations to ensure safety and efficiency for our passengers and staff.”

Air Canada says nearly 600 of its flights haven’t completed over the last five days.

Roughly 935 Air Canada flights depart every day worldwide, it said, with a flight completion rate above 98 per cent since the beginning of December.

Over the past five days, the rate dropped to 87.25 per cent.

WestJet shows 130 flights been cancelled Wednesday, out of 563 flights originally scheduled.

They said 240 flights were grounded Tuesday due to disruptions in Vancouver along with freezing temperatures in Calgary and Edmonton.

A statement from Vancouver’s airport says it halted all international arrivals for about 48 hours to deal with “congestion” caused by 27 cm of snow Tuesday.

The restriction, affecting 17 airlines and approximately 30 flights, is to lift at 5 a.m. Friday.

Vancouver airport officials issued another statement later Tuesday, saying improved weather and work by crews clearing runways has allowed an increase in takeoffs and landings. But delays and cancellations are expected to continue, it said.

The statement from Vancouver International Airport says halting international arrivals until two days before Christmas will hurt.

A large number of planes remain at the Vancouver airport, causing blockages at its airfield.

Another major winter storm will hit the Greater Toronto Area this week into the holidays. Toronto Pearson International Airport is advising of the imminent storm that will derail travel further.

At Pearson, officials are advising travellers to check with their airline because airport operations could be affected by a storm forecast to arrive Thursday.

Air Canada said it spent substantial time preparing for winter, including hiring.

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