Over 28,000 attend Winnipeg Comiccon

Over 28,000 attend Winnipeg Comiccon

In its second year, Winnipeg Comiccon doubles its attendance from last October.

Cosplayers at Winnipeg Comiccon

Cosplayers at second-annual Winnipeg Comiccon.

The second Winnipeg Comiccon event welcomed 28,000 people downtown for a weekend of celebrity guests and cosplay.

“It’s a celebration of pop culture. When you walk into the room, you’ll find something that you’re a fan of,” event spokesperson Jason Rockman said.

The event, held at the RBC Convention Centre, was organized by the same company known for similar events in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

Last year’s comiccon — which followed pandemic restrictions — attracted around 14,000 attendees.

“We’re very, very happy with the outcome. Obviously Winnipeg wanted a show, and we were able to deliver the kind of show that they deserve,” Rockman said.

Celebrity guests like Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead), Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter) and Lea Thompson (Back to the Future) made appearances.

For the last two months, Evadina Jerez spent nearly three hours per day making a Mandalorian costume for the event.

Jerez put a personal touch on the costume, adding the Chilean flag to one of the props.

Jerez’s interest in cosplay began as a kid dressing up for Halloween. It’s now grown into a passion giving her a sense of community.

“I just kind of was like, oh, I’ve been doing this for so long, and I enjoy it, so why can’t I dress up outside of Halloween?” Jerez said.

Wynn Loiselle-Shire dressed up as Dreamxd, a Minecraft character, in an almost completely homemade costume.

“I definitely see the prices going up even this year, and I guarantee they’re going to keep going up. But I find that still, just as the prices go up, we start using more unconventional materials more.”

Loiselle-Shire’s estimated costume cost was about $50, but it took hours to make.

Some cosplayers, like Vee Hill, rely on stuff they already own for their outfits. Part of Hill’s costume was made from two blankets, for example.

Hill, who first got into the hobby in 2020, hopes to see more people get involved in cosplay.

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