Reggie Abercrombie Jersey Retirement

Reggie Abercrombie Jersey Retirement

When someone refers to someone as a legend, the term often feels exaggerated and loses some of its meaning. That said, some people are exceptions to this circumstance. Reggie Abercrombie is one of those names, and he lives up to every ounce of meaning attached to the word “legend”.

Reggie Abercrombie tips his cap to the Winnipeg Goldeyes Fans

He joined the Goldeyes in 2014 and spent the next six seasons establishing a legacy that can be seen far and wide both around the Goldeyes organization and the entire American Association. He holds the league records for hits, runs, home runs, and RBI, and was recently inducted into the
American Association Hall of Fame. He didn’t need further recognition to solidify his status, but he deserved the honour.

The key to Reggie’s success wasn’t always on the field, but instead it created an aura around the entire ballpark. He was the most approachable person one could ever meet. Despite not knowing many of them personally, his conversations with the fans along the left field line were similar to those with an old friend. You didn’t have to be his teammate to be along for the ride with Reggie Abercrombie, he made sure everyone was welcome to have a quick chat.

This didn’t change after he helped the Goldeyes win back-to-back American Association Championships in 2016 and ’17, as he leveraged Winnipeg’s celebration to fuel his own. The trophy raised high above his head, Reggie marched around Shaw Park sharing the experience with a packed house, letting everyone join in the celebration.

Reggie’s journey may not have started in Winnipeg, but it came to a close here with thunderous applause. A former Major Leaguer who made stops in the MLB with the Florida Marlins and Houston Astros, his professional baseball career took him all over the affiliated minor leagues, Mexico, and eventually brought him to the American Association. His six seasons in a Goldeyes jersey were just part of his long and storied journey, but they created a lifetime of memories.

Reggie Abercrombie practices swinging during a game for the Winnipeg Goldeyes

There are few athletes who you can say had the true balance of skill and charisma, but Reggie was most certainly one of them. He had the athleticism that could bring the house down, but he’d enjoy it just as much as the fans would. He loves the game of baseball, and it showed every single night when he stepped out of the dugout. His teammates relied on him to be their sparkplug, and he would always live up to that role. His energy was at the core of the success of the team on the field, but it also established life-long friendships off the field as well.

His jersey retirement on August 11 is simply just another step in a long line of well-deserved achievements.

So, from fans and teammates alike, that retirement will act as a salute to one of the greatest athletes Winnipeg has had the pleasure of watching. From his MLB draft date in 1999 to his final professional game in 2019, he was a true professional and played every game like it was his last.

Thank you, Reggie Abercrombie.

Reggie Abercrombie holds a championship trophy in front of Winnipeg Goldeyes fans in Shaw Park

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