Ryerson University officially changes name to ‘Toronto Metropolitan University’

Ryerson University officially changes name to ‘Toronto Metropolitan University’

The former Ryerson University has officially changed its name to Toronto Metropolitan University.

The school’s board of directors voted last August to change the school’s name over concerns about the man the institution had been named for and his links to Canada’s residential schools. Egerton Ryerson is considered one of the primary architects of the residential school system.

Truth and Reconciliation was a key priority for the school in considering a new name. 22 recommendation, made by the university’s Standing Strong (Mash Koh Wee Kah Pooh Win) Task Force, were considered with a focus on recognizing the legacy of Egerton Ryerson and providing more opportunities to learn about Indigenous history and Indigenous-colonial relations.

Ryerson University

Toronto Metropolitan University is expected to be in use soon but signage will take time. The blue and yellow school colours will remain and Ryerson will still appear on official documents until the university’s governing legislation is processed.

A politician also explained the committee didn’t choose an Indigenous name because the university needs a name “that will unite all of us and not really represent a small group of people or communities within our community.”

The name change requires an amendment to the University Act that has to be passed by the Ontario legislature. They said the university will wait until after the election before starting that process.

The renaming process involved an appointed committee responsible for examining the responses of 30,000 community members and 2,600 potential options.

Prior to officially selecting a new name, the university said all degrees, certificates and diplomas with the school’s former name will remain valid.

However, some alumni and current students expressed on social media that an opportunity to give a new meaning to the school was lost with the decision to rename the school to a non-controversial and generic name.

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