Saskatchewan: $10 a day child care arrives in April

$10 a day child care arrives in April for Saskatchewan

The governments of Canada and Saskatchewan recently announced that $10aday child care will be available in the province starting April 1. This agreement comes with almost $1.1 billion in federal funding over five years for regulated early learning and childcare programs and services. Parents of children under the age of six who attend regulated child care fulltime will pay $217.50 a month, which will save an average of $395 to $573 per month compared to current fees.


Children’s backpacks.

The province is also offering funding for free training and education to bring in more early childhood educators, up to $5 per hour wage enhancements, and grants for regulated facilities. Education Minister Dustin Duncan noted that the government has been working to increase the number of training seats for early childhood educators and has offered funds to facilities in the situation where a worker wants to go back to school and upgrade their ECE training.

Julie Wermie, a Regina mother of four, said that the $10aday child care is impacting her family greatly, as the cost of living has been rising.

She was on a waitlist for the YMCA for well over a year starting in 2012, but was able to get her other kids in because one had already been admitted. Now, Wermie said they can do more things as a family.

The availability of $10aday child care is a major achievement for families in Saskatchewan. It provides children with a positive start in life while also giving parents the flexibility and choice to build both a family and career. By working together, Canada and Saskatchewan have achieved their shared goal of affordable child care three years ahead of schedule. They are continuing to focus on achieving other important targets through the Canadawide system to ensure that every family has access to highquality, affordable, flexible and inclusive child care.

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