Taco Bell opens futuristic restaurant

Taco Bell opens futuristic restaurant

Taco Bell has taken a step into the future with its brand-new restaurant in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

The massive two-story building has purple LED lights and looks as if it came from the future. It is designed to speed up service and prioritize digital orders.

The facility, named Taco Bell Defy, won’t offer indoor driving and will have four drive-thru lanes with the kitchen above on the second floor. One lane will be the usual drive-thru customers are used to and the other three will prioritize people who order their food through their app. This will include pickups for delivery apps such as Uber Eats, Door Dash and GrubHub.

The purpose behind the ordering process is to build more traffic on their app and get as many customers served in two minutes or less.

It is unknown if the franchise is hoping to open other facilities like Taco Bell Defy in other states or countries. It officially opened its services to the public on June 7.

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