Toronto is one of the worst cities in the world for street congestion, according to a report.

Commuters are reflected in a rearview mirror in rush hour traffic in Toronto.

Commuters are reflected in a rearview mirror in rush hour traffic in Toronto (The Canadian Press/J.P. Moczulski)

Published by INRIX this month, the report states on four years of mobility and anonymized GPS probe data and identifies traffic patterns in numerous cities across the world.

Toronto was ranked seventh in the world and first in Canada for worst traffic, with people losing an average of 118 hours on Toronto to traffic in 2022.

Toronto ranked third in North America, behind Chicago and Boston.

Toronto commute times

Toronto commute times

The worst cities in the world for traffic, according to INRIX, are London, Chicago, and Paris.

The average vehicle speed in Toronto in 2022 was 24 km/h.

At peak traffic times, the average speed for Toronto area drivers was 20 km/h, and in off-peak times, the average speed reached 61 km/h.

Toronto’s 2022 third-place ranking marks a significant increase over the city’s 2021 ranking in 22nd place.

Montreal was ranked the second worst Canadian city for traffic, with an average of 72 hours lost to traffic last year, followed by Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Calgary.

Vehicle drivers are not the only Torontonians suffering long commute times, according to another report.

In December 2022, Moovit, a transit app run by Mobileye, showed that Toronto transit riders had the fourth longest commutes in North America, with the average commute coming in at 56 minutes.

Source: CP24 – Abby O’Brien