Winnipeg family of car cash victim worried after thousands stolen from online fundraiser

Winnipeg family of car cash victim worried after thousands stolen from online fundraiser

A Winnipeg family is concerned about the online donations made to help with their child’s funeral expenses.

David Bunguke, Winnipeg

David Bunguke was part of the Team Manitoba soccer team in Winnipeg for his age group and played at the 2022 Canada Summer Games earlier this year. (Source: Mason DePatie, CTV News)

David Bunguke, 17, passed away after a car crash on Oct. 18.

After his death, David’s family said the community graciously came together, shared condolences, and supported two online fundraisers.

On GoFundMe page, which raised nearly $7,000, was set up by one of his David’s friends.

The second fundraiser, which raised about $12,000, was set up by someone he didn’t know.

“But this person was not in contact with the family, that is why we started doubting this GoFundMe, maybe it was fake,” said John Bunguke, David’s father.

Bunguke said he realized the name of the funder had changed once the GoFundMe closed.

“It is a big fraud to make money through the death of someone and it is very shocking,” he said. “The family is very shocked.”

CTV News reached out to the page’s creator but did not hear back.

GoFundMe said fraudulent fundraisers are uncommon, but is looking into the situation.

GoFundMe said donors who don’t want to wait for the investigation can request a refund online, however, it requires a process.

As Bunguke waits to see what happens with the crowdsourcing company, he plans to contact police to potentially resolve this issue.

He’s worried other individuals might not be as willing to help others in similar situations down the road because of incidents like this one.

“The people, they will not continue helping each other through these kinds of, uh, raising money to help,” said Bunguke.

Bunguke said he saw the kindness of the community and felt very loved by those who contributed to the campaigns after his son’s death.

CTV News has contacted police but has not yet heard back.

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