Winnipeg likely to go through 1st March without a day above freezing since 1899

Searching for spring: Winnipeg likely to go through 1st March without a day above freezing since 1899


There was no sign of spring on this snowy hill at The Forks in Winnipeg on Tuesday. (Prabhjot Singh Lotey/CBC)

As Winnipeggers brace themselves against the cold winds, they continue to walk with their shoulders shrugged up to their ears, heads down, and hands shoved deep into the pockets of their down-filled coats. Although the temperature is set to warm up marginally by the weekend, CBC meteorologist Natalie Hasell predicts that more snow is on the way.

According to Hasell, temperatures are not expected to rise above zero degrees Celsius this March. CBC meteorologist John Sauder confirmed that there are no forecast highs above 0 C for the remaining days of the month, making it a frigid month for Southern Manitoba.

Sauder predicts a high of –8 C and an overnight low of –20 C for Winnipeg on Tuesday, which is considerably lower than the normal temperatures for this time of year. The last time the city experienced such cold temperatures in March was in 1899.

Hasell attributes this weather pattern to a cycle of cold Arctic ridges and low-pressure systems that have been affecting Manitoba and other parts of the Prairies. La Niña, a natural cooling of parts of the Pacific Ocean that changes weather worldwide, is also partly responsible for the current weather pattern.

However, Hasell assures that the lingering effects of La Niña should soon disappear, leading to a slight improvement in weather conditions. While temperatures are expected to edge closer to normal by Sunday, there is still a chance of wet flurries.

Despite the slight improvement, Hasell warns that a freeze-thaw cycle might occur, making it difficult to navigate roads, highways, sidewalks, and parking lots. She advises people to prepare accordingly and stay safe.

Source: CBC news (/Darren Bernhardt )

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